I have over one hundred thousand images and videos of LBHS theater, dance, shows, graduation and activities for the last 4 years... I need to preserve these images and videos and back them up. I have run out of disk space. I need 3, 2 terabyte drives. I need your donations to buy more drives. Any amount would be GREAT!

I have taken and posted a lot of these images for free. Tons of them are available online and will be for years. The online images and video are only a very small amount of what I have. For example there are 1,431 Sound of music images on line. I have over 21,000 of Sound of Music.

I really feel it is important to archive these pictures and videos so we can all access them in the future. I don't want to have to start deleting anything for space. 

​ANY amount of donation would be great... $5.00 ... $20.00 I can get one drive at a time.

Here is what I need: Click Here 3, 2 terabyte drives is $600.00 

​If you have a portable hard drive you are not using... that would also be great.

Thanks again, enjoy

Here is the link to the LBHS goodies. Click Here