The Process

The first set of black and white sculptures are a group of 3D portraits that were done as a tribute to employees that have been with Sohnen Enterprises for over 20 years. I made one set of the 3D pieces that are at the company headquarters and then I did canvas prints of each piece for the employee to take home. When they retire, they exchange the canvas for the 3D piece. The newspaper behind each employee is the front page of the paper the day they were hired. The fun part was we used images of each person from a part of their life they wanted a portrait.- in other words the portraits are from all different periods of their lives.

The guy in the green glasses is Barry, the owner of the company.

You can see the progression of the hand done sculptures in white clay, and then covered in newspaper, painted and varnished.

The second technique shows a colorful 3D portrait of Sally, commissioned by a dear friend. It is hand sculpted, painted and epoxy clear coated. It shows all parts of her life and family in the background.

These are all 20 x 20 inches. They can be painted and finished in many ways.. even in a bronze finish. They are also just beautiful in the plain off white finish.
Barry face2BR3E0455BR3E0505BR3E0506BR3E0522BR3E0514BR3E2030BR3E2042BR3E2031BR3E0537BR3E2729BR3E2753BR3E2749BR3E3455BR3E5580BR3E5685BR3E5672BR3E5658BR3E5625BR3E5649