"Humor, aesthetics, and imagination are unique to the human experience (dog's don't laugh). So take advantage of it, next lifetime you might be a dog!"

Why - Artist Statement

How about WHY We do this? I always say "We" because creating my art is a family experience. My sons, my daughters and my wife Michelle are all creatives. We live and work together creating what we call the aesthetic experience. We hope our pieces will take you to that place where you can touch the aesthetic. It is that moment in a movie a song a ballet an art piece that just hits you and opens the door to what I can only call Home. It is an emotional level beyond the physical, it is touching the aesthetic... that is the only way I can describe it. Once you make that happen as and artist, you are hooked for life. It is truly WHY we do what we do. Of course this is not easy... what fun would it be if it was easy? We do it because we love it... and in fact we know no other way. The fact that we can make a piece of art, a dance, a piece of music, a movie or anything that can touch that emotion in other people is it. Aesthetics and humor are unique to the human experience we work with that medium daily to bring people up... It is WHY We do this.